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IAP 2004 Activity

Pleasures of Poetry: Reading and Discussion of Memorable Poems
Literature Faculty, David Thorburn
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: none

Reading and discussion of major poems by members of the Literature Faculty (with help from their literary friends). Handouts of poems and series schedule available at each session, and from the Literature Headquarters, 14N-407, lit@mit.edu, 3-3581.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/lit/www/iap.html
Contact: Julie Saunders, 14N-407, x3-3581, lit@mit.edu
Sponsor: Literature

Walt Whitman
Stephen Tapscott
"From Drum Taps."
Mon Jan 5, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

John Keats
James Buzard
"Ode on a Grecian Urn"
Tue Jan 6, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Andrew Marvell
Howard Eiland
"To His Coy Mistress."
Wed Jan 7, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Robert Hayden
Helen Elaine Lee
several selections
Thu Jan 8, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Sarah Wright
Fri Jan 9, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Rafael Campo
Stephen Pepper
several selections
Mon Jan 12, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

William Wordsworth
James Paradis
Tue Jan 13, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Gerard Manley Hopkins
Ina Lipkowitz
"Pied Beauty," "Inversnaid," "The Windhover."
Wed Jan 14, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Galway Kinnell
David Thorburn
several selections
Thu Jan 15, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

James Merrill
Michael Arner
"Lost in Translation."
Fri Jan 16, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Wilfred Owen, William Butler Yeats
Anne Hudson
"Dulce et Decorum est" (Owen); "An Irish Airman Foresees His Death" (Yeats).
Tue Jan 20, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Emily Dickinson, Denise Levertov
Liz Connors
"After Great Pain," and "Slant of Light"(Dickinson); The Dead Butterfly" and "O Taste and See" (Levertov).
Wed Jan 21, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Sue Delaney
"Merciless Beauty"
Thu Jan 22, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Maya Angelou
Andrea Walsh
"Song for the Old Ones," "Stil I Rise," "Elegy."
Fri Jan 23, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Tin Moe: Min Thu Wun: Sein-dakyaw-thu
Julian Wheatley
"Picking Crickets," "The Sky is the Limit": "The Pinya Stump": "Soldier's Letter."
Mon Jan 26, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

D.H. Lawrence
Elizabeth Fox
"Bavarian Gentians" and "Snake."
Tue Jan 27, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Anne Bradstreet
John Hildebidle
"A Letter to Her Husband...." and "Some Verses upon the Burning of Our House."
Wed Jan 28, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Roseanne Warren
Wyn Kelley
"Mud,""Portrait: Marriage"
Thu Jan 29, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

James Cain
Two troubadour lyrics and translations.
Fri Jan 30, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304
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