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Who Takes IAP For-Credit Subjects?

IAP Credit Policy

Important Credit Registration Dates

Finding Subjects in the On-line Guide


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IAP Registration Information

IAP 2011 Dates to Remember


Most MIT academic departments offer IAP subjects for academic credit. The information on this page is geared to MIT students, and covers participation eligibility, IAP credit policies, important credit registration dates, and instructions on reviewing subject descriptions listed in the online IAP Guide.

Who Takes IAP For-Credit Subjects?

  • Full-time regular students who are charged full tuition in either the fall or spring terms may take IAP subjects for no additional tuition charge. Students do not have to take subjects to retain their student status between fall and spring terms.

  • New graduate students and undergraduate transfer students who have been admitted for spring term, as well as returning students who will be registered full-time in the spring, are eligible to take IAP subjects. They should contact the Registrar's Office, x8-6409, so that they may pre-register for IAP.


IAP Credit Policy

  • All students are limited to 12 units of credit during IAP.

  • Only students registered in the fall or spring terms of the academic year may receive IAP credit.

  • The number of credit units awarded for each subject and the grading policy are specified in the subject listing.

  • Many subjects for credit are offered as "special topics." In these cases, official descriptions may be obtained from the faculty members teaching the subjects.
  • Credit received by freshmen is not counted toward fall or spring semester credit limits.

Please note:

  • Certain deadlines apply for IAP credit registration. For complete information, see the IAP 2011 Dates to Remember page.

  • Students who are not paying full tuition in either the fall or spring term are subject to additional tuition charges and should consult the Registrar's Office, MIT Room 5-119, ext. 8-6409.

  • Special students (students enrolled who are undertaking certain studies but are not candidates for degrees) should consult the IAP section of the MIT Bulletin for information on eligibility.

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Important Credit Registration Dates

  • Wednesday, December 1, 2010. Starting on this date, all continuing students taking non-lotteried credit subjects must pre-register on WebSIS.

  • Thursday, January 13, 2011. The pre-registration system will stay open through the end of this day so that students may update the information in WebSIS to reflect added and dropped IAP subjects. After 5PM on this date, IAP pre-registration will be closed so that grade sheets can be prepared.

For complete IAP dates and deadlines information, please refer to the IAP 2011 Dates to Remember page.

Finding Subjects in the On-line IAP Guide

  • Subjects (taken for credit) are organized according to academic department number and then by subject number (e.g. Course 1, 1.01, 1.02). To browse available For-Credit Subjects , go to the IAP 2011 Offerings page.

  • You may search on IAP subjects and activities, as well as IAP general information, by referring to the Search the IAP 2011 Guide page.

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