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Also see the following pages:

Using the Posting Form for Non-credit Activities

Role of IAP Coordinator / Administrator

Reserving Rooms / AV Equipment

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Members of the MIT Community planning to attend and/or organize IAP offerings should make note of these important dates and deadlines:

  • IAP 2012

    • Early October 2011: IAP posting system available. Beginning this month, organizers may submit activity and subject descriptions to the online posting system. Organizers should post completed listings by the first week of November and then as they become available.

    • Early November 2011: IAP 2012 for-credit subjects and non-credit activities are available for online viewing by participants and are updated daily.
    • Monday, January 9, 2012: IAP 2012 begins

    • Friday, February 3, 2012: IAP 2012 ends

  • Departmental Deadlines

    • Thursday, December 1: Students begin pre-registration on WebSIS. Class lists will be available online.

    • Wednesday, February 8: Deadline for submission of IAP grades.

  • Student Deadlines

    • Thursday, December 1. Starting on this date, all continuing students taking non-lotteried credit subjects must pre-register on WebSIS.
    • December 7 through 14. Undergraduates register for IAP Physical Education classes through the physical education website: http://mitpe.com. Graduate Students register December 12-14, using the same system. Click on the registration tab.

    • Friday, January 6. The pre-registration system will stay open through the end of this day so that students may update the information in WebSIS to reflect their IAP subject adds and drops.

      After 5PM on this date, IAP pre-registration will be closed so that grade sheets can be prepared.

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