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Room Reservations: Who to Contact

Confirmation of Room Reservations

Considerations for Reserving a Room

Obtaining Audio-Visual Equipment

Operating Audio-Visual Equipment

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Part of the role of activity organizer is to make sure that the appropriate room and, if necessary, audio-visual equipment is properly reserved. Below are instructions on booking MIT rooms and ordering equipment.

Please note that activity and subject sponsors are responsible for scheduling and reserving rooms for their activities. Listing a location on the IAP activity posting form does NOT reserve the room.

Room Reservations: Who to Contact

  • Schedules Office: Most classrooms can be reserved via the Schedules Office online reservation request form. You can request a specific room or a room by size, seating arrangement, location, etc.You can also view the online MIT Schedules Office Classroom List which includes pictures and detailed room layout/equipment information.

  • Campus Activities Complex, W20-5th floor, x3-3913: In addition to classrooms, there are many special conference rooms and other facilities that can be reserved through individual offices, departments, or living groups. Rules for reserving these rooms vary. The Campus Activities Complex handles Kresge, Student Center, the Chapel, and Walker Memorial. They accept reservations on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, see the The Campus Activities Complex page.

Considerations for Reserving a Room

  • Find out whether or not the room is generally open or locked. If necessary, make arrangements for obtaining a key. Ask about policies regarding setting up and cleaning up. (In most cases the user of the room is responsible for returning furniture to its original position.)

  • Check out the room in advance. Locate light switches, outlets, thermostats, and controls for projection screens and other equipment, and make sure you know how to operate everything.

  • If you need help regarding rooms, contact the IAP Coordinator of your department, center, or office.

Confirmation of Room Reservations:

You will receive an event number (if booked by the Schedules Office) or a reservation number (if booked by Campus Activities Complex) when your room reservation is confirmed. Until you have one of these numbers, the location of your activity is not confirmed.

Obtaining Audio-Visual Equipment

It is suggested that you first try to borrow the equipment from your own department, center, laboratory, or office, or from the department where your activity will be located. If you cannot borrow equipment, you may rent what you need from the MIT Audio-Visual Service, 4-017, x3-2808 (hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm). For any rental, a valid MIT Card is needed. Charges not billed to an MIT account are due in full, up front, at the time the equipment is rented.

Operating Audio-Visual Equipment

Operators must be hired for certain rooms with projection booths. When using 9-150, 10-250, 26-100, 54-100, Kresge's Little Theater and Auditorium, the Athletic Center, duPont Gym, and Walker Memorial, the operator must be an MIT AV employee.

In 3-133, an employee from AV or the Architecture Department must be hired. Personal equipment can only be used outside the projection booths in these rooms. Rooms 1-390 and 6-120 have remote hookups for slide projectors rented from Audio-Visual. Some self-service equipment is also available. For information on having an IAP activity videotaped for archival purposes OR for information on producing a video for use during your activity, contact: Video Productions Services (9-234, 3-7603.)

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