MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2015 Schedule for January 8

Activity Title Location Special Meeting Info

09:00 AM

How Physicians Think 46-3189

10:00 AM

From Innovation To Commercially Viable Products 1-150
Hacking Radio - GnuRadio & HackRF/USRP E14-674 Bring your laptop [optional]
Individual Consultations at the Writing and Communication Center E39-115
Introduction to Lasercom: Build your own Laser Audio Transmitter NE45-202 Beaverworks Center
Introduction to Numerical Optimization in Design 3-370
Making an impact by making a difference. Sustainability in the DIY world Danger!Awesome

11:00 AM

That Project Belongs in a Museum! 10-150

12:00 PM

Confident Investing in Any Market W20-307

01:00 PM

Biological Origami: Using Living Cells as Design Tools E15-341
Digitization@MIT 4-261
Facing the Music: Recreating Performances from the Past TBA Bring laptop or ipad to each class
Getting Started, Getting Funded: Obtaining Research Funding E17-133
Hands-On Holography NE45-202 Beaverworks Center
Pleasures of Poetry 2015 14E-304
Sampling of Careers in Biology Whitehead Auditorium
SOFT WOOD KVA - 10 Farnham St.

02:00 PM

SMALL INSTRUMENTS - Musical Instrument Building and Performance N52-199 (MIT Museum) workshop
That Project Belongs in a Museum! 10-150

03:00 PM

Hands-on Introduction to Atomistic Simulations 13-5101
On the Screen - activity 3-270

03:30 PM

Photo Transfer with Digital Images W20-425

05:00 PM

Fashion Smarts Workshop
Heavy Metal 101 14N-313
The World of Speech and Hearing 36-428

06:00 PM

Electric Guitar - Build your own W31-031
Learn To Play Bridge! 4-153
The Story Behind a Question: Using Storytelling to Further Community Engagement 9-451
YesPlus Intro: Mind, Body, Breath 56-180

06:15 PM

Introductory Hebrew 4-265

07:00 PM

2D & 3D Nature Study W20-425
Documentaries Reviewing the Scientific Evidence about 9/11 34-302
Intermediate Squash Squash courts
MITOC Winter School
Stage Lighting Seminar for the Theater W20 - PDR4

07:45 PM

Capoeira Angola- Recreation Building 57

08:00 PM

Programming in Perl 4-231

09:30 PM

MIT Women's Rugby Practices Johnson Track