MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2015 Schedule for January 10

Activity Title Location Special Meeting Info

09:00 AM

Introduction to the Potter's Wheel Section C W20-431

09:30 AM

Figure Skating and Ice Dance Classes [Free] Johnson Skating Rink

10:00 AM

RACECAR - Rapid Autonomous Complex-Environment Competing Ackermann-steering Robot AeroAstro Hangar Optional Hackhathon

10:15 AM

MIT Ballroom Dance Club IAP Camps W20 - La Sala

10:30 AM

Bellringing in Towers Meet bldg 66, 10:30a or Old North Church, 11am

11:00 AM

Taichi Tuesdays, Kung-Fu Saturdays Dupont Wrestling Rm Kung Fu

12:00 PM

ATS Cooking Workshop McCormick
Cocktails 201: Scotch Tasting & Application 853 Main St Cambridg
Introduction to Ancient Coil Pottery W20-431

02:00 PM

Cocktails 101 - Introduction to Classic Cocktails & Craft Bartending 853 Main St.Cambridg
Learn to Cha Cha W20-491
Photoshop for Photography & Photography for Photoshop Location TBD
Portrait Photography class 4-163

08:00 PM

24 Hour Show Mezzanine Lounge W20