MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2015 Schedule for January 15

Activity Title Location Special Meeting Info

09:30 AM

Python Programming in ArcGIS: an introduction to scripting for geographic analysis systems GIS Lab, 7-238

10:00 AM

Build Non-Linear Narrative Writing Tools E15-335 (continuation of Day 1, optional)
From Innovation To Commercially Viable Products 1-150
Hands-On Aerospace 2015 33-116 Man Vehicle Lab tour, Fixing Hubble talk
Individual Consultations at the Writing and Communication Center E39-115
Introduction ocean data-model analysis 54-1623
Making an impact by making a difference. Sustainability in the DIY world Danger!Awesome
RACECAR - Rapid Autonomous Complex-Environment Competing Ackermann-steering Robot Room 32-141
Software Radio NE45-202 Beaverworks Center

10:30 AM

Contemporary Military Topics (series) E40-496 Lucian Pye Conf Rm

11:00 AM

Fixing Hubble: Talk by Astronaut & MIT Professor Jeffrey Hoffman 33-116
Intro to Humans in Aerospace & Man Vehicle Laboratory Tour 33-116 will walk indoors to MVL
Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) 14N-132 DIRC

12:00 PM

10 Things Every Young Parent Should Know: Protecting and Planning for your Children 32-124
IAP - Movement, Relaxation, and Concentration Skills for Performers TBA
The Art of Science Filmmaking 54-915
The Right Legal Steps when Starting Your Company 3-370

12:30 PM

Forces Frozen 9-255
Get a Patent on your Invention & Turn it into a Startup! 3-133

01:00 PM

Apollo: Behind the Scenes at the MIT Museum (ADDITIONAL SESSION AVAILABLE) MIT Museum Meet 12:45 at 33-116 or 1pm at Museum
Facing the Music: Recreating Performances from the Past TBA Bring laptop or ipad to each class
Hands-On Aerospace 2015 Meet at MIT Museum Apollo: Behind the Scenes at the MIT Museum
Internet of Things: Connecting Anything and Everything to the Internet, a Hands-on Workshop E51-151
Introduction to Lasercom: Build your own Laser Audio Transmitter NE45-202 Beaverworks Center
IoT @ MIT E51-151 Bring your laptop
Mechanical Testing of Engineering Materials 1-307
Pleasures of Poetry 2015 14E-304
Protocols and Methods: Recipes for research 14N-132
Research Funder Open Access Requirements from DOE and Other Federal Agencies 1-150
SOFT WOOD KVA - 10 Farnham St.
The Globalization of Production E17-133
The Next Step in Academic Science 68-181
Third World Challenge: Brainstorm and Design a Starter Core House that Grows Incrementally 9-450B

02:00 PM

Aesthetic programming - draw your way into computer programming! 14-0637
Coolfarming - How to Create Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs) 4-231 bring your laptop
Creating an Apple Pie from Scratch: A Universe in a Supercomputer 37-252 Marlar Lounge
Strategies on How to Find a UROP 5-217
Webmapping: ArcGIS Online 14N-132

02:30 PM

Kevin Pilkington: New Poems 14E-304
(CANCELED) Quasar Absorption Spectroscopy: Shining a Flashlight Through the Universe 37-252 Marlar Lounge

03:00 PM

8 Mechanics ReView 32-082
Can Entrepreneurship Transform Healthcare? E51-361
On the Screen - activity 3-270
Use Improv to Improve Interview and Communication Skills 4-153

04:00 PM

Biotech Business Information for Engineers and Scientists 14N-132 DIRC
Personal Finance: 101 10-250
Prophecy and the History of the Earth 3-442

05:00 PM

Augmented Reality and Dance 7-429 Long Lounge Bring your computer
Fashion Smarts Workshop
Heavy Metal 101 14N-313
The World of Speech and Hearing Mass Eye & Ear

06:00 PM

Discover and Practice Your Inner Art: Be a Professional You 4-370
Electric Guitar - Build your own W31-031
Engineering the human microbiome: Designing personal analytics technology NE47-189
Exploring Public Genomes (a fun hands-on introduction to bioinformatics) 66-154 Bring laptop please!
Greek Life and Networking 4-257
How Different Software Languages & Libraries Affect Your Creative Process 4-270
Learn To Play Bridge! 4-153
Reasoning for God Coffeehouse Lounge 3rd Floor, Student Center, free dinner
The Story Behind a Question: Using Storytelling to Further Community Engagement 9-451
YesPlus Intro: Mind, Body, Breath 56-180

06:15 PM

Introductory Hebrew 4-265

06:30 PM

Small Business Toolkit: 1/15/15 Financial Strategies & Online Marketing Strategies 32-144

07:00 PM

2D & 3D Nature Study W20-425
Intermediate Squash Squash courts
(CANCELED) Love and Romance in Ancient India TBD
MITOC Winter School
Stage Lighting Seminar for the Theater W20 - La Sala
Training for OpenStackTM 56-154
Writing Women Into Wikipedia 14E-304 Bring your laptop

07:30 PM

Diversity in STEM: How racist and sexist are we, and why should we care? 66-154 Bring laptop please!
Introduction to the Command Line 56-114

07:45 PM

Capoeira Angola- Recreation Building 57

08:00 PM

Programming in Perl 4-231

09:30 PM

MIT Women's Rugby Practices Johnson Track