MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2015 Schedule for January 29

Activity Title Location Special Meeting Info

08:00 AM

Innovation Tournament NE45-202 Beaverworks Center

08:30 AM

Exercising Leadership & Using Authority: How to Lead Progress E62-221

09:00 AM

How to Design Electric Vehicles (EVs) E15-341 Bring your laptop
Inspiring change: strategic narrative for startup success E15-383 bring your laptop
LabVIEW Boot Camp 1-190 Bring your laptop

09:30 AM

An Introduction to Biomedical Imaging 36-112
The Business of Robotics: One-Day Intensive Workshop TBD

10:00 AM

From Innovation To Commercially Viable Products 1-150
FT-IR Sampling Capabilities in CMSE 13-2137
Introduction ocean data-model analysis 54-1623
Making an impact by making a difference. Sustainability in the DIY world Danger!Awesome
MATLAB for Neuroscience Research 46-1015 You can download MATLAB for students from IS&T
MATLAB: MATLAB for Data Acquisition, Instrument Control and Analysis 4-163
MetaPiano: a Collective Sound Sculpture Experiment E14-251 wear shop clothes - nothing dangling, not precious
(CANCELED) Patent and Licensing Fundamentals E62-250
Responding to Student Writing: Best Practices from the Research E39-335
The Optimally Dismal Laboratory 4-149

10:30 AM

Contemporary Military Topics (series) E40-496 Lucian Pye Conference Room

11:00 AM

APIs for Scholarly Resources: Research Opportunities with Text Mining and Data Mining 14N-132

12:00 PM

Building Cognos Reports - Advanced 1-115
Introduction to Equity Valuation E51-149
Is It Immoral to Watch the Super Bowl? An Open Forum for Fans and Foes E51-315 Bring a lunch; coffee and snacks provided.
Talking Consent: Learning How to Talk Openly About Sex 3-442
Working After Graduation: Immigration Concerns 10-250

12:30 PM

An assessment of the effectiveness of tax incentives in energy investments from a private, social and fiscal point of view Building 9 tentative
Departmental Exploration (DEX) 1-131

01:00 PM

2015 CES Roundup 4-270
Facing the Music: Recreating Performances from the Past TBA Bring laptop or ipad to each class
Joint Program IAP on Climate Science and Policy 4-237 TIME AND SCHEDULE CHANGE DUE TO STORM
Laser Radar: Basic Principles and Hands-on Operation 36-144
MATLAB: Connecting MATLAB to Hardware Hands-on Workshop W31-301
Planning, Funding, and Implementing Transportation Projects in the Real World (or How It Really Works) 9-450
Pleasures of Poetry 2015 14E-304
Sampling of Careers in Biology Whitehead Auditorium
Using self-awareness profiles in professional development and career planning NE 47-189

02:00 PM

Aviation Accident Investigation or Agatha Christie for Engineers 33-319
Departmental Exploration (DEX) Bush Room (10-105)
Hunting Dark Matter 37-252 Marlar Lounge
Introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy 13-2137
Joint Program IAP on Climate Science and Policy 4-237 TIME AND SCHEDULE CHANGE DUE TO STORM
Laser Radar: Basic Principles and Hands-on Operation 36-633
MIT Can Talk Speaking Competition MIT Museum

02:30 PM

Building your Personal and Professional Network W20-307 /Mezz Lounge
The Illustris simulation: Evolving the Universe on a Supercomputer 37-252 Marlar Lounge

02:45 PM

Mathematics Department Music Recital Killian Recital Hall Rehearsal: Mon. Jan. 26, 1-4:30pm

03:00 PM

8 Mechanics ReView 32-082
Contemporary Art Seminar and Critique will be announced
Converting Your CV to a Resume for Industry 3-133
From Submission to Publication: What Authors Need to Know About the Journal and Book Publishing Process 4-145
Introduction to SEM/FIB Dual-Beam Workstation 13-2137
On the Screen - activity 3-270

03:30 PM

(CANCELED) Departmental Exploration (DEX) Bush Room (10-105)

04:00 PM

Mentor the Class of 2019: Become an Orientation Leader and/or Associate Advisor! 4-149
WiFi and the Internet of Things: a hands-on workshop with the CC3200 Launchpad 3-270

05:00 PM

Augmented Reality and Dance 7-429 Long Lounge Bring your computer
Departmental Exploration (DEX) Bush Room (10-105)
Heavy Metal 101 14N-313
The World of Speech and Hearing Mass Eye & Ear

05:45 PM

Harry Potter, World War II & and War on Terror E53-482

06:00 PM

China's Nightmares of Affluence E51-275
Discover and Practice Your Inner Art: Be a Professional You 32-144
Electric Guitar - Build your own W31-031
Islam 101 4-146
Learn To Play Bridge! 4-153
South Italy folk dance lab 36-112
YesPlus Intro: Mind, Body, Breath 56-180

06:30 PM

Departmental Exploration (DEX) 66-110

07:00 PM

2D & 3D Nature Study W20-425
Advancing Toward the Equality of Women and Men - A Conversation 4-144
Harry Potter Movie Mash 26-152 (TEAL room)
How to Negotiate Your First Job E62-262
Intermediate Squash Squash courts
MITOC Winter School

07:45 PM

Capoeira Angola- Recreation Building 57

09:00 PM

Anti-Charm School DuPontWrestlingRoom wear athletic clothing and come hydrated