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Beyond the Buzz: Startup Vocabulary in the 21st Century

Colin Kennedy, Professional Advisor at the Martin Trust Center, Andy Cook, Founder of Rentabilities, Romi Kadri, SB '14

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What’s your minimum viable product? Are you leveraging social proof to get intros for customer development? How are you going to hustle your way to traction while you search for product/market fit? 

Like any industry, the business of startups is steeped in its own jargon. Some of it can be buzzword-bingo, but buried in there are important concepts, and knowing how to use it properly can make sure you get your point across concisely.

Each year, teams entering the MIT Founders’ Skills Accelerator program spend the first few weeks adjusting to the new terms they’re faced with, so we build this course to get them going faster. If you’re a first-time founder, considering applying to an accelerator program this year, or are looking to plug into startups in Boston, this course is for you.

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Sponsor(s): Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Contact: Eliza Deland, E40-160, 617 253-9632, EDELAND@MIT.EDU


Kyle Judah, Entrepreneur in Residence

Enrollment: By Application Only
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StartIAP is an IAP-long accelerator (Jan 5-30). Teams will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops on topics such as customer development, legal responsibilities, and fundraising taught by industry experts like Bill Aulet alongside other Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. Teams will also have dedicated space in the Trust Center and will be given access to labs around campus to further develop their products and companies. During StartIAP, teams will have every chance to go all the way from concept to company. Apply Here by Dec 1st.

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Sponsor(s): Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Contact: Kyle Judah, E40-160, 617-253-3453,