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Creativity: The lucky 7

Ruth Levitsky, Toastmasters@MIT

Add to Calendar Jan/24 Sat 10:00AM-12:15PM 3-133

Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up
Prereq: none


An experiential workshop correlated to creativity and the 7 Intelligences (first presented in Dr. Howard Gardner’s book Frames of Mind). Presented by Creativity Integrators, this workshop will give you an understanding of the 7 intelligences. It will also provide creative practices that involve all seven intelligences. It is educational, fun and highly experiential. By participating you will learn useful information about yourself and others that you can use to empower your life journey.

Come prepared to speak, think, interact with others, move, learn and have fun!


With Creativity Integrators, Cherylle Garnes & Janet Johnson





Contact: Ruth Levitsky, E18-201C, 617 253-3399, LEVITSKY@MIT.EDU

How to Run a Meeting

Ruth Levitsky, Coordinator for Speaking Clubs

Add to Calendar Jan/05 Mon 12:00PM-01:00PM E51-145

Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up


Join members of PowerTalk International Training in Communications to learn how to run a meeting.

The group will cover the before (planning your meeting effectively), the during (the nuts and bolts of getting business accomplished) and the after (preparing minutes that document what is to come)

This workshop is for all who have suffered through a badly organized meeting and/or are preparing to “be in the know” for the time when it’s their turn to plan and preside at a meeting.







Contact: Ruth Levitsky, E18-201C, 617 253-3399, LEVITSKY@MIT.EDU