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IAP 2015 Activities by Sponsor - Rajiv A. Manglani

Building iOS, Android, and OS X Applications with RubyMotion

Rajiv Aaron Manglani

Add to Calendar Jan/20 Tue 05:00PM-07:00PM 4-231

Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up
Prereq: Some familiarity with iOS or Ruby development suggested.

RubyMotion is a revolutionary toolchain for iOS, Android and OS X. It lets you quickly develop and test cross-platform native applications for the iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, and Android devices. RubyMotion apps are written in Ruby and use native platform APIs. Applications are compiled, run at full speed on iOS, Mac, and Android hardware, and can be submitted to the app stores for each platform. RubyMotion runs on OS X and is a commercial product. Come to the class then decide if it is the right technology to use for your next application. We will explore the history of the project, tour the framework, and build a functioning app.

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