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IAP 2015 Activities by Sponsor - Samira Kiani

Using self-awareness profiles in professional development and career planning

Dr. Pejman Azarmina, Founder, Thinkocrats, Dr. Samira Kiani

Add to Calendar Jan/29 Thu 01:00PM-04:00PM NE 47-189

Enrollment: Limited: Advance sign-up required
Sign-up by 01/20
Limited to 30 participants
Prereq: Please complete Pyramid of Self-Awareness Scale available

Self-awareness is the starting point for an insightful journey toward self-actualization. In order to gain a better understanding of our key strengths and areas for improvement, we will look at 5 dimensions of our lives: personal values as a source of motivation and intention for our key decisions; thinking content and thinking process as the fuel and engine for our behaviors; modus operandi which in itself is divided into intellectual, moral, operational and social excellence and counter-excellence behaviors; and finally connection channels which show how we typically connect with other people and make impressions.

In this workshop, participants will learn to interpret their profiles and identify areas for personal growth and professional improvement. In addition, participants will evaluate their long term career plans in the
context of their personal values, thoughts, behavioral patterns and connection styles. The workshop is organized in a 4 hour interactive session consisting of presentations, case studies, small group discussions
and reflective time to create an outline for a personalized professional development plan and career strategy.

Prereq: Please complete the Pyramid of Self-Awareness Scale available on As an "optional"
activity, you may order a personalized summary report with your 5
profiles that will be emailed to you prior to the workshop.

Contact: Samira Kiani, NE47-285, 347 210-1753, SAMKIANI@MIT.EDU