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IAP 2015 Activities by Sponsor - CampusHOPE

Prophecy and the History of the Earth

Kira Street

Enrollment: RSVP at (optional but helpful)
Attendance: You will benefit the most by attending all sessions
Prereq: An open mind!

What do the prophecies and teachings in the Bible mean? How do they relate to us? Are they even valid for our contemporary society? Come and explore what the Bible has to say about itself, Jesus, and our world today. Bring your questions to our nightly Q&A sessions, and bring a Bible (or one will be provided) and a notepad.

Sponsor(s): CampusHOPE
Contact: Simon Okaine, SOKAINE@MIT.EDU

Can the Bible be Trusted? - Daniel 2

Add to Calendar Jan/12 Mon 04:00PM-05:30PM 3-442

A study of Daniel 2

Prophecy's Historical Significance

Add to Calendar Jan/13 Tue 04:00PM-05:30PM 3-442

A study of Daniel 8,9

The Suffering Savior

Add to Calendar Jan/14 Wed 04:00PM-05:30PM 3-442

 The Prophecy of Christ in Isaiah 52 and 53

Prophecy in the Present

Add to Calendar Jan/15 Thu 04:00PM-05:30PM 3-442

A study of Matthew 24

Practical Christianity Today

Add to Calendar Jan/16 Fri 04:00PM-05:30PM 3-442

The Spiritual Journey of Mary Magdalene