MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2016

Multiscale Porous Materials - Marseille Winterschool

Franz-Josef Ulm, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Roland Pellenq, Senior Research Scientist, John R. Williams, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Enrollment: Limited: Advance sign-up required
Attendance: Participants must attend all sessions

Porous Materials are ubiquitous in many engineering applications, and specifically in energy and environment related engineering applications. The Marseille Winterschool organized through the  MIT-CNRS joined lab with the support of MITEI, brings together scientists and engineers to provide a one-week educational training for graduate students and postdocs in all facets of multiscale porous materials, ranging from advanced microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to nanomechanical testing of stiffness, strength and fracture properties of porous materials. The Marseille Winterschool will take place in Marseille, France; in the week January 25-29, 2016. It brings together instructors from MIT, Marseille and Paris University, Georgetown University, and many more. The 2016 edition will develop around the topical issue of porous materials in Nuclear Engineering applications, and will include a one-day visit to ITER. The topic thus far, and the teaching content should be of interest for graduate students in several engineering disciplines (materials science, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering) and the school of sciences, particularly physics. The Winterschool is open to the entire MIT community. There are no costs associated with the school; except for Flight and Accomodation in Marseille.

Sponsor(s): MIT Energy Initiative, MIT France Program
Contact: Franz-Josef Ulm, 1-263, 617 253-3544, ULM@MIT.EDU

Day I. Marseille Winterschool

Jan/25 Mon 08:30AM-06:30PM Marseille/France

8h30-9h30: Registration. Opening remarks

09h30-11h00: Multi-scale porous materials for energy and Environment

11h30-13h00: Statistical physics and computer simulation techniques (Part I)

14h30-16h30: Soft Matter physics; glass physics, jamming transition and arrested dynamics, relevance for multi-scale materials insights from numerical simulations (Part I)

17h00-18h30: Electron microscopy for multi-scale porous materials

Day 2: Marseille Winterschool

Jan/26 Tue 08:30AM-06:00PM Marseille/France

08h30-10h30: Mechanics of multi-scale porous materials, from elasticity to fracture: modeling & experiment (Part I)

11h00-12h30: Soft Matter Physics; glass Physics, jamming transition, arrested dynamics, numerical simulations (Part II)

14h00-16h00: Multi-scale porous and colloidal materials, texture and transport properties (Part I)

16h30-18h00: Electron microscopy for multi-scale porous materials: clay, cement, shale-gas

Day 3: Marseille Winterschool

Jan/27 Wed 08:30AM-06:30PM Marseille/France

08h30-10h00: Bus from Marseille Old Harbor, to the ITER reactor site, Cadarache

10h00-15h00: Visit of ITER / Lecture on material science for nuclear energy (fusion / fission)

15h00-16h30:  Bus to the Jardins du Pharo, Aix-Marseille University head quarter

17h00-18h30: Invited conferences on the challenges of Nuclear fusion, the ITER project and The energy landscape in France, Present and Future

Day 4: Marseille Winterschool

Jan/28 Thu 08:30AM-06:30PM Marseille/France

08h30-10h30: Mechanics of multi-scale porous materials, from elasticity to fracture: modeling & experiment (Part II)

11h00-13h00: Statistical physics, computer simulation techniques over time and length scales (Part II)

14h30-16h30: Mesoscale modeling of particles, from bulk to flow in confined geometry (Part I)

17h00-18h30: Tomography with Synchrotron light and the texture of multiscale porous materials

Day 5: Marseille Winterschool

Jan/29 Fri 08:30AM-02:00PM Marseille/France

08h30-10h30: Multi-scale Porous and colloidal materials, texture and transport properties (Part II)

11h00-12h30: Transport properties of confined fluids from NMR relaxometry

12h30-12h45: Closing Remarks