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IAP 2016


Jo Ivester '77

Jan/12 Tue 05:45PM-07:15PM 3-133

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 The 1960s South was a time of turmoil, change, and struggle for equality.

In 1967, when MIT alum Jo Ivester ('77) was ten years old, her family moved from Boston to a small, all-black town in the Mississippi Delta, where her father ran a clinic, her mother taught at the local high school, and Jo was the only white student at her junior high.

Simply by being there - one of only two white families and the only Jews - they had a unique, front-row view of racism in America and were pulled into the heart of the civil rights movement.

In this half-hour talk, Jo will share anecdotes and perform readings from her new book, The Outskirts of Hope, which chronicles her family's experience.

She writes, "My story presents a moment in our history. Unfortunately, racial relations today are still an issue and we all have to do our part to make a difference."

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