Understanding the format

Survey Formats

Three levels of surveys are anticipated in a full understanding of incremental housing.


LEVEL I: HOUSELevel 1 Survey

Focus is on the individual house and the trigger - the catalyst - for the process, linked to family size and circumstance, income and time. A simple but powerful graph charts the changes and quickly provides a comparative reference for other areas and various types of housing programs. The interest is the physical expansion of the house, with a room as the minimum step. Qualitative improvements ot the house - better finishing, painting, new windows, etc. - are not sufficient. Room additions are often built in stages; i.e., addition of a wall, building of floor, etc. but for the survey the date of completion would be registered. In the graph, a sloping line would indicate graduate construction.


Focus is on the area - the community, the neighborhood, the settlement - which predominately grows through incremental house construction. Determination of the various degrees of build-outs of individual houses, their percentage, their location in a community - whether in high value, high activity areas generally along main streets or interior locations. Determination of infrastructure provision - if provided after original occupation of the area, whether through formal upgrading or as part of staged provision in various planned programs, for example site and services.


Focus on the city context of the area. City economic situation, management capacity and regulatory capacity. Rules, regulations concerning building and zoning. Financing availability. Existing support programs.