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ISTAB Charter


The IS&T Student Technology Advisory Board ("The Board") is created for the purpose of providing student input concerning IS&T services at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Specific topics may include, but are not limited to: the state of public computing spaces; available software and hardware resources; IS&T services that facilitate student computing.

The Board is not designed to act in an Ombuds capacity to resolve individual concerns, nor is it intended to address the day to day operations of IS&T, though it can provide guidance on how daily operations impact student computing.

Relationship of The Board to IS&T

The Board shall interact directly with the Faculty & Student Experience (FSX) team within IS&T's Customer Support division. FSX will provide other avenues of communication at the request of The Board.

IS&T shall use the Board to solicit student feedback on upcoming and current IS&T projects and initiatives.



The following organizations shall each be entitled to a seat on ISTAB: Undergraduate Association, Graduate Student Council, Association of Student Activities, Dormitory Council, Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Association, Living Group Council, and the Student Information Processing Board.

With the agreement of all parties, one student may represent multiple groups listed above.

Additionally, there shall be up to 4 "at-large" members.

Finally, at least 2 IS&T staff members shall attend, and additional staff members may be invited to attend specific meetings at the request of the Board.


A term of membership shall last for one semester. At their discretion, the organizations listed above may choose to elect the same delegate to multiple terms.

Organizational Structure

The Board shall have a IS&T facilitator, whose role is to convene the meetings and ensure a productive and equitable discussion. At the beginning of each semester, the facilitator shall work with the Board to compile a list of topics for discussion. The facilitator shall recommend Institute resources that may be applicable to the topic at hand.

Procedural Rules


The Board may, at its discretion, adopt a set of by-laws governing the operation of meetings.


The Board shall meet every 2 weeks during the Fall and Spring semesters. The meeting schedule may be altered at The Board's discretion. The Board shall not meet prior to Registration Day and shall not meet during or after the last week of classes. At its discretion, the Board may meet during Independent Activities Period.

Meetings shall be held after 5pm to allow for maximum student attendance.

Community Input

The Board shall maintain a web site and/or wiki space detailing its charter, by-laws, and planned topics for the semester.

The Board shall also provide method(s) for soliciting input from the MIT Community, including but not limited to web forms, "town meetings", events or panels.


Minutes or summaries of ISTAB meetings shall be available to the entire MIT Community.

Recommendations and Reports

The Board shall provide a summary of its discussion and findings each semester which shall be distributed to IS&T management and made available to the MIT Community.

Dismissal and Resignation

Student organizations explicitly named in the Membership - Composition section shall select a delegate at the beginning of each academic year.

A member may resign their post by providing written notification to the Board. A member who resigns shall endeavor to provide the board with a replacement candidate.

A member who misses more than 3 consecutive meetings shall be deemed to have resigned their post. If that member is from one of the aforementioned student organizations, a replacement delegate shall be designated by the organization in question.

Charter approved by Head of IS&T, Dec 16, 2010