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9. Cameras and Lights

Describing the objects in a scene doesn't serve much purpose unless you can see the objects when they are rendered. Open Inventor tries to guess at some workable viewing defaults so that you can see a scene, but you will usually be better off controlling this yourself. The two concepts that determine how you view a scene are camera and lighting.

9.1 Camera Classes

Cameras describe where you are viewing the scene from, and as such have various fields to control characteristics like camera position and orientation. There are two camera classes in Open Inventor:

One interesting way to create a walk-through-like animation would be to animate the camera instead of animating the objects in a scene. This would be useful, for example, to let somebody know what it would look like to walk through a building.

9.2 Lighting Classes

Lights make the scene visible. Lights have an on/off switch, intensity, colour, and location. Different light classes create different lighting effects. The three light classes are:

More Information

More information about cameras and lighting in Open Inventor is available in chapter 4 of Inventor Mentor.

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