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10. Engines

Engines are what make things change in an image that you have created with Open Inventor. Animation is one obvious use of an engine, but not the only one. Engines can be used to respond to external events, such as mouse or keyboard activity. To realize the full power of engines you would need to do some C++ programming, but there are some simple animation effects that you can create in an IV file.

The basic ideas of using an engine in a .iv file are:

10.1 Types of Engines

These are just a few of the engines available in Open Inventor, specifically listed here because they can be used effectively without doing any C++ programming.

  1. ElapsedTime
  2. TimeCounter
  3. Calculator
  4. Rotor
  5. Blinker

More Information

If you want detailed information about engines, you can browse through chapter 13 of Inventor Mentor. It is oriented towards C++ programming, but gives a good overview of some of the concepts for what engines can do and how they work.

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