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Simple Excel Gradebook by Points

Recently redesigned for extra simplicity and ease of use. Get the Gradebook:
Assessment Types - Points | Directly - Points
Assessment Types - Percents | Directly - Percents

Assessment Types there are fixed percentages for all the homeworks, classworks, tests, etc Directly all assignments directly go towards the running average

By Points assignments are based on points and more points = bigger weight
By Percentage each assignment is out of 100% (you can still weight assignments)

For Excel 2007 or above. Made using Excel 2013 for best functionality. Excel 2010+ versions will show premade sparkline distribution charts.
Gradebook Sparkline Histograms

What does it offer me?

*Warnings may show due to new Excel 2013 features. The workbooks are macro (code) free and are fully functional back to Excel 2007. You can safetly ignore "formula references blank cells" errors.

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Be Creative!

You can chart scores across gender, race, absences, or any other custom category.
  • Try a boys vs. girls challenge.
  • Use data to get $$ to help your low income minority students.
  • Show how showing up and doing work relates to outcomes.

Video Tutorial Help

Older Version with Mastery

Free Excel Grade Tracker

There is another older version (for Excel 2007+) that tracks both grades and mastery. Mastery is the percent of learning goals for which students have met standard. The links for the older version with mastery are at the bottom of this page.

What if I have some questions, concerns, or suggestions?

I love feedback and would be delighted to answer questions. Feel free to email me at jabbott(at) As I just output this new set of gradebooks, I would especially like to hear from users on other platforms / versions (mac, ipad, excel online etc.) on how their experience has been.Thanks!

Some older versions:
Excel 2007: Gradebook By Points | Gradebook By Percentage
Excel 2010: Gradebook By Points | Gradebook By Percentage
Older Version with Mastery: Gradebook by Points

I value your privacy. You can read the story of this gradebook.

Nov 2014