15.912: Strategic Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Syllabus pdf)

This course provides a series of strategic frameworks for managing high-technology businesses. This half-term course will be offered once in 2012-13 during Spring H1. 15.912 is required of E&I track students, although others are welcome. Interested students should register for the course, email the instructor, and plan to show up on the first day, January 6th, 2013 to either section. Section A is 1-2:30 and Section B is 2:30-4. Both sections are in E51-149.
Sample Course Evaluation:
Professor Davis's 15.912 Spring 2013 Rating: 6.4/7

15.S08: PhD Seminar in Strategy and Innovation (Syllabus pdf)

This phd course provides a survey of major theories, methods, and topics in the strategy and innovation fields. It was offered in Fall 2009-10 when it was called 15.990, and in Fall 2011-12. I will probably offer it again in 2013. Please contact me if you are interested.