Occasionally when I report a bug, I find it useful to write a web page describing the bug. Sometimes the web is more expressive than email, or is a better choice for being able to properly represent the issue. This page lists some of the bug reports I've written.

IE Bug
A Macintosh Internet Explorer bug from 2000. Involved bad scrolling of Java Applets. Probably unreproducible.
IMP is part of a webmail package that reads mail from IMAP servers. It had a bug with its handling of non-ASCII folder names. Reported fixed in versions after 3.0.
Mozilla History Bug
Mozilla's history had a bug that made life difficult at multi-architecture Unix institutions. Also reported in Bugzilla, reported in 2001 and fixed in 2003.
Mozilla PNG bug
Mozilla had problems with displaying bad PNG images. Also reported in Bugzilla, fixed in 2002.
Firefox History Bug
Firefox had the same history bug that Mozilla did. Reported in Bugzilla, in 2004. I don't know if it has been fixed.