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Submitted for Publication:

  • IROS 2016: "Light_Tracking (To be added)" - Sebastian Claici, John Romanishin, Kyle Gilpin, and Daniela Rus
  • Published:

  • ICRA 2015: "3D M-Blocks: Self-reconfiguring Robots Capable of Locomotion vie Pivoting in Three Dimensions" - John Romanishin, Kyle Gilpin, Sebastian Claici and Daniela Rus
  • ICRA 2015: "Reconfiguration Planning for Pivoting Cube Modular Robots" - Cynthia Sung, James Bern, John Romanishin, Daniela Rus
  • IROS 2013: "M-Blocks, Momentum-driven, Magnetic Modular Robots" - John Romanishin, Kyle Gilpin, and Daniela Rus
  • Undergraduate thesis: "Development of a Robotic Torque Application Gripper for Automated Furniture Assembly" This project grew out of my project for the MIT class 6.142, described here 6142 Rotary Claw to develop a end effector for a robot capable of grasping objects of different geometries and applying a torque (about 3 nm) to them.
  • ICRA 2013: "IkeaBot: An Autonomous Multirobot Coordinated Furniture Assembly System" - Ross A. Knepper, Todd Layton, John Romanishin, and Daniela Rus

  • Unpublished Documents:

  • MIT 2.671 Class Project "Effects of foot-pedal interface rigidity on high frequency cycling acceleration" - John Romanishin - MIT class 2.671 final project