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2.008 Yoyo (2010)


This group project was the central component of the MIT class 2.008, Design and Manufacturing II, that I took along with 5 group members in 20101at MIT. The challenge was to produce a yoyo using several different manufacturing techniques including CNC milling, Injection Molding, turning and Thermo-forming. The yoyo was designed by a committee by our group, which led to lots of brainstorming, and then a seemingly random choice of theme that actually worked out well. Our team was called moneymoney and we made a yoyo that had free-spinning dollar signs in the face of each side of the yoyo. In addition to this the yoyo also had a bearing that allowed the string to spin with less friction.

The following are a few images of the project. To learn more you can visit the class website here

This picture shows the final rendering of our yoyo.

This pictures shows a photo of the actual components of our assembled yoyo.


Class presentation video produced by Randall Briggs.