The JP NET server is being retired...

...but not the contents!

If you're reading this, it is likely the result of having followed a link through an old server address. The JP NET materials are now being served entirely through MIT's main web server.

Most materials are accessible from the JP NET homepage at:

A few other specific changes to note:

The MIT Japanese Language course materials are accessible from:
This includes the Kanji learning materials, readings, and other related content. If you're interested in Kanji learning materials, you might want to check out the JP NET Kanji Project as well.

The MIT Japan Program website is located at:

The Japanese Holidays and Cultural Events web is now located at:

The article The Japanese Language is now at:

The Kimono Hypertext is available at:

Information on configuring your computer to handle Japanese is maintained at:
Note that this material is somewhat MIT-specific, and as such may not be applicable to other computing situations.

Joseph Wu's Origami Site (including list-archive search); Anne LaVin's Origami page

Finally, if you are a Japanese language educator or student, and you were relying on material which you can no longer find as a result of the site reorganization, please contact us.

We apologize for any inconvenience!

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