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This site is a curriculum-independent repository of Kanji study materials, allowing teachers to build their own Web documents (on their own, or using templates provided here) and linking in, as desired, to the multi-media materials.

The on-line collection of data consists of digital movies showing each character being painted with a brush; scanned still images of each character painted by hand; stroke count, on- and kun-yomi for each character; and sample compound words with accompanying sounds for each compound word.

  • Project Details

    Look here for background information on the project, the authors, how to contact us, etc.

  • How does it work?

    See what the study pages might look like for the users of your pages, and how you can download templates to build pages yourself.

  • Example Pages

    Here are some sample pages, and (under construction) some pages soon to be used at various schools

  • Technical Details

    Experienced Web authors can use the information here to build their own pages linking to our materials, with our without our templates.

  • Contact Us!

    Please contact us if you have any questions about or problems with the materials, or suggestions for making them more useful or easier to use. Also, if you do link to any of our content, please let us know!

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