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How does it work?

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Before you begin:

If you're a reasonably experienced Web author, you may want to look instead at the "Technical Details" section which describes the types of materials, their locations, and how you can link directly to them from pages of your own design.

If you're going to use the templates provided here, first, you'll need to have access to a computer with the capability to create Web documents with Japanese text in them, and a way to publish the documents you create to an on-line Web site. (The precise details of how you can do this will vary enormously from school to school, depending on your computing facilities and networking. Contact us for suggestions and assistance.)

Second, think about what kind of network connection your student users will have when they are using your pages - will they have a modem connection, or a faster link? Some of the data files (e.g. the movies) are quite large, and can take a long time to load over a slow connection, making the pages with movies embedded inside them effectively impossible to use. We will provide at least two versions of every Kanji data page - one with a link to a movie showing the stroke order, and one with the movie embedded inside the page. (As we develop the pages there will possibly be a few more options to choose from, as well.) Depending on your situation, you'll download templates (described later) appropriate for your students.

Third, decide what you'd like your Kanji study page to look like. We will have several sample templates for you to download and edit, or, if you're a more experienced Web author, you can create a page on your own, and simply link to the materials at the Kanji Project site. The templates will be complete Web pages with empty spaces in them for the specific Kanji you want to present.

Walk through the "Tour"

This tour uses frame-based Web documents to present detailed views of actual pages, plus instructions. If your browser cannot display frames, please see this no-frames, simplified version.

  1. See what your pages might look like
  2. Decide on, and download, a template for your pages
  3. Find and fill in the detailed information for your Kanji Page(s)
  4. Edit your page, and upload to your server!

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