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Technical Details

The Kanji Project data consists of the following:

  • Kanji movies (Quicktime format)
  • Scanned brush-stoke Kanji images (GIF format, 200 by 200 pixels)
  • Kanji data pages (movie link, or embedded movie; Java applet "drawing pad" to practice the character on; stroke, reading and compound word information; links to soundfiles of the compound word examples)

We encourage Web page authors to link into the data in any way they choose. The form of the URLs of each type of data is described in the table below. Note that each item is identified by a unique, 4-digit number called the kuten code, represented in the table by KKKK. We have provided this Joyo Kanji Page to help you look up the kuten codes for individual Kanji characters.

Data TypeFormatApprox. SizeURL
Kanji MovieQuickTime.5-1 Mbyte
Kanji imageGIF1 Kbyte
Kanji Data Page
(movie link)
HTML1 Kbyte
Kanji Data Page
(embed movie)
.5-1 Mbyte

Copyright Notice

The Kanji movies, Kanji data pages and sound files are copyright 1999 Saeko Komori. The data may not be downloaded or redistributed without prior permission by the author.

The Kanji brush-stroke images are copyright 1999 MIT; they may not be downloaded or redistributed without prior permission.

Please contact us for more information.

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