Here are some photos from the trip we took to Florida!

  • Here are some photos from Shark Valley.
  • Here are some photos from the Fairchild Tropical Garden.
  • Here are some photos from Vizcaya House.
  • The rest of the photos are on this page.

    A "strangler fig". It looks safe. But get too close and . . . the tree will strangle your figs!

    Jason makes the deadly mistake of approaching a vicious strangler fig =O

    Palm trees stand at attention when Ljudmila approaches.

    A mysterious Florida fluid phenomenon -- a "fountain" formation in the UM lake.

    The gingerbread version of the Biltmore hotel. After a comparison taste-test of the walls, I recommend the gingerbread version over the real version.

    The Biltmore Christmas tree. After another comparison taste-test, it's gingerbread house, then Christmas tree, then Biltmore wall spackle.

    As strangler figs are nocturnal creatures, night is the WORST time for Ljudmila to approach!

    Recuperating from her strangler fig ordeal, Ljudmila relaxes under the shade of an aluminum palm tree.

    Ljudmila contemplates pushing Jason into the fountain.

    Ljudmila learns the secret to taming a strangler fig is to yank on its vines until it screams "Uncle"!

    Have you ever notice that heron's knees bend in the wrong direction?

    There are more lizards in Miami than rodents in the MBTA.

    Have you ever seen an orchid swallow a bee before?

    Venetian pool (don't worry, we're still in Miami).

    Everytime Ljudmila got a really good shot of tropical leaves, Jason rushed in and ruined the photo :(

    Everytime Jason got a really good shot of Ljudmila, a fountain rushed in and ruined the photo :(

    There are more lizards in Miami than pocket-protectors in an MIT classroom.

    Ljudmila struggles to free herself from the jaws of a ravenous strangler fig.

    The Biltmore hotel, "Well-appointed rooms, a fountain courtyard, an award-winning pool, and Miami's highest percentage of hotel employees who actually speak English".

    Fountain courtyard.

    Award-winning pool.

    There would have been a photo of an English speaking employee, but they zip around faster than hummingbirds!

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