What is JuJitsu?

DanZan Ryu JuJitsu is a comprehensive system of self-defense, in which you learn to use leverage, balance, and continuous motion to maximize your effectiveness against a larger and stronger attacker.

Students learn rolls, falls, escapes, joint locks, throws, and grappling techniques, as well as the blocks, punches, and kicks more commonly associated with the martial arts. The variety of techniques allows you to use only the force you need to defend yourself and those you love.

JuJitsu is challenging, exciting, and fun!

More importantly, JuJitsu teaches us that the best way to win a fight is not to have one. We learn to be aware of our surroundings, to recognize and heed the subtle signs that warn us of danger, so we can get out of harmís way. We also practice awareness of our own actions and words, learning how what we do affects others, so we can defuse tense situations before they escalate into violence.

The highest ideal within JuJitsu is of the warrior as healer and peacemaker.

JuJitsu is a year-round, inexpensive, whole-body athletic activity you can enjoy for a lifetime. Thereís always something new to learn!