World Music Articles

* The Afro-Caribbean Music Connection. (There is also a mirror site in Germany, courtesty of Gregor Arnold Stölting.)
* Fin de Siècle Music, published in The San Juan Star, "Venue" section, p. 15, March 31, 1996.
* The Sands of Cape Verde, published in The San Juan Star, "Venue" section, p. 15, May 19, 1996.
* Indonesia: A Musical Archipelago, published in The San Juan Star, "Venue" section, June 30, 1996.
* Meistersingers of the Steppe, published in The San Juan Star, "Venue" section, p. 13, August 4, 1996.
* The Brightest Star of Qawwali, published in The San Juan Star, "Venue" section, p. 8, December 1, 1996.
* Senegal: Baobabs, Boubous, and Mbalax, published in The San Juan Star, "Venue" section, p. 11, March 16, 1997.

Note: Selected articles have also been featured in RootsWorld and the Record Reviewer.

Brief CD Reviews

(Written for RootsWorld.)

*Bale Seni Megasari: Java Kecapi Suling
*Eyuphuro: Yellela
*Franco: The Rough Guide to Franco
*Gamana: Le Marija
*Ghazal: Moon Rise Over the Silk Road
*Huun-Huur-Tu: Where Young Grass Grows
*Kalindi-Ka: Yo
*Alioune Kassé: Exsina
*Sanna Kurki-Suonio: Musta
*Samba Mapangala and Orchestra Virunga: Ujumbe
*Gopal Shankar Misra: Out of Stillness
*Aliakbar Moradi and Pejman Hadadi: Whisper
*Aliakbar Moradi and Parvin Namazi: Kurdaneh
*Ugis Praulins: Paganu Gadagramata
*Hüsnü S¸enlendirici and Laço Tayfa: Çiftetelli
*Tai Tu Nam Bo: Saigon: Masters of Traditional Music
*Tajima Tadashi: Master of Shakuhachi
*Transjoik: Mahkalahke
*The Uyghur Musicians From Xinjiang: Music From the Oasis Towns of Central Asia
*Yat-Kha: Dalai Beldiri
*Yim Hok-Man: Poems of Thunder: The Master Chinese Percussionist
*Various Artists: Land of the Sufis: Soul Music from the Indus Valley
*Various Artists: The Music of Islam and Sufism in Morocco
*Various Artists: The Music of Vietnam
*Various Artists: La Route des Gitans (The Gypsy Road)
*Various Artists: Living Art, Sounding Spirit: The Bali Sessions
*Various Artists: The Road to Kes¸an: Turkish Rom and Regional Music of Thrace
*Various Artists: Saraca: Funerary Music of Carriacou
*Various Artists: Tuva, Among the Spirits

Concert Reviews

*Yat-Kha: Live accompaniment for V. I. Pudovkin's silent film epic Storm Over Asia

Other World Music Sites

*My sister-in-law, Lady Kier.

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