Travel Writing by John Nagamichi Cho


Memories of childhood summer trips to Shioya (a village near Kobe, Japan).

Looking for Piroshki: Clandestine notes from Nizhny Novgorod (formerly Gorky), Russia.

A close shave at the baths, crashing a wedding, and hanging out with the Kurds in From Istanbul to Van: A Turkish Traverse.

To be a Komodo Ranger is not Easy: Searching for dragons, riding atop bemos, and bonding with a monkey named John Lennon in Flores and Komodo, Indonesia.

Christmas Island, 1999: Fin de millénaire notes from the world's largest atoll.

Denizens of the Eldorado Youth Hostel: Waiting for Godot in Khomasdal, Namibia. (Featured in Travel at the Speed of Light.)

Remembering Baobabs: A travelogue of Senegal disguised as a meditation on the melancholy.

The Long Road to Venice: How to ditch a car and survive highway robbery in Italy.

An essay on The English Patient: The Geography of Desire. (Originally published in The San Juan Star, 1997.)

Freetown restaurant guide for Peace Corps volunteers in Sierra Leone (circa 1988).

A bit of ancestral research in Kumamoto, Japan.

Life as an expatriate recalled in a letter to my child as she turns 24.


Impressions of Guatemala and Chiapas, Mexico: A brief senryu journey.

Freetown Bicentenary, 1987, in pre-civil-war Sierra Leone.

Waiting for boas at a cave in Mata de Plátano, Puerto Rico.

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