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Chapter 6: Interviews to Locals

関西人(かんさいじん)って?: Explore the Kansai local identity through interview videos 〜

This chapter consists of a collection of interviews with a variety of local Kansai people on various topics. The interview topics vary from regular personal questions (e.g. favorite restaurant) to those that are meant to explore local pride and identity in comparison to mainstream Tokyo culture (e.g. opinion about Tokyo people). We hope that you notice and appreciate the diversity in the way people talk, and at the same time, construct your own idea about how people think of themselves as Kansai locals and how the language they speak connects to their local identity.
たこ焼き屋 Takoyaki shop (Abiko, Osaka)

a. About the interview clips:

-    The interviews were conducted in the summer of 2006 and in the winter of 2006-2007
-    Kansai locals of various generations from various locations were selected as interviewees.
-    Each person was given up to 38 questions. Given questions vary depending on the age of each interviewee.

b. How to search the clips:

You can start the search of interview clips from the list of interviewees, from the list of the interview questions, or directly start sorting clips by all the information - by interviewees, by interview questions, by the difficulty levels for comprehension* and by the degree of Kansai-ben** (what degree of Kansai features each clip holds) .

1.  Search from the list of interviewees If you would like to follow the footsteps of a particular interviewee, go to 1. Interviewees, and choose one person from the interviewee list with their background information. (Prior to choosing one, you can filter interviewees by interview questions given to them, their gender, age, residency, occupation, relationship with the interviewer, and the difficulty levels* of clips in which they appear.) The clips of the chosen interviewee will appear according to the order of interview questions given to the person.
2.  Search from the list of interview questions If you would like to compare the answers of various people to a particular question, go to 2. Interview Questions, and choose one question of your interest from the list of interview questions. (Prior to choosing one, you can filter interview questions by interviewees, their gender, age, residency, occupation, relationship with the interviewer, and the difficulty levels* of clips.) The clips of the chosen question will appear according to the order of the list of interviewees.
3. General Search f you are not sure which clips to view, start from 3. Clips page. You can filter clips by interview questions, interviewees, their background, and clip difficulty level depending on your interest. Clips can be sorted by interview questions, interviews, difficulty levels* and the degrees of Kansai-ben** for your convenience.

Warning: Please avoid clicking on a different subchapter/sorting item before each loading finishes so as not to generate an error!

c. How to work on the clips:

When you click the interviewee image of the clip you want to view, a pop-up window appears, which includes the clip, content questions and a hidden vocabulary list. View the clip and answer the attached questions to check your comprehension. You may refer to the vocabulary list if necessary.

*The difficulty levels are determined depending on the difficulty of subject, content and vocabulary, speed of speech, and the degree of Kansai dialect features. They are described as follows:
For Kansai Novice
For Kansai Novice to Intermediate
For Kansai Intermediate
For Kansai Advanced
For Kansai native like!!

**The degrees of Kansai-ben are determined as follows:
Kansai accentual feature only
A couple of Kansai basic features involved
Some Kansai basic structures and expressions involved
More complicated (traditional) Kansai features involved
If you understand this, you must be a native Kansai-jin.