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Chapter 5: (まち)関西弁(かんさいべん) (Talk in Town)

This chapter contains a collection of video clips of interactions between local people at various locations, especially at the local stores in Kansai. All the video clips have comprehension questions and answers so you can answer the questions and check your understanding. The video clips in this chapter enable you to observe the communication styles, strategies, and cultural practices in Kansai. It also introduces vocabulary and expressions related to daily life - those you cannot usually learn at school - such as the name of fish and vegetables.

  1. 魚屋(さかなや)で (At a fish shop)
  2. 八百屋(やおや)で (At a vegetable shop)
  3. (うなぎ) (Eel)
  4. 野菜(やさい)行商(ぎょうしょう) (Produce Peddler)
  5. 漬け物屋(つけものや)で (At a pickle store)
  6. 果物屋(くだものや)で (At a fruit shop)
  7. 生牡蠣(なまがき) (Raw oyster)
  8. ()牡蠣(がき) (Grilled oyster)
  9. 和菓子屋(わがしや)で (At a Japanese-style confection store)
  10. 黒豆茶(くろまめちゃ) (Black bean tea)
  11. 黒豆茶(くろまめちゃ)2 (Black bean tea - part 2)
  12. いちご(Strawberries)
  13. もちつき (Rice cake making)
  14. 京都(きょうと)魚屋(さかなや)で (At a fish shop in Kyoto)

あんみつ  Anmitsu : a Japanese desert (Kyoto)