Stony Brook University                                          Physics Colloquium                                       27 March 2018

Force from non-equilibrium fluctuations

in QED and Active Matter



Alexandre Solon, Avi Aminov, Y. Kafri

Christian Rohwer, M. Krüger

Mohammad Maghrebi, G. Bimonte, T. Emig, R.L. Jaffe

N. Nikola, R. Voituriez, Y. Fily, A. Baskaran, M.E. Cates, J. Tailleur


I.       Equilibrium Pressure & Fluctuation-Induced Force:  Particles & Radiation; thermal, quantum & critical

II.      Pressure of Active Matter: Torques & Wall potential; Ratchets, Instability & Self-propulsion

III.    Nonequilibrium Fluctuation-Induced Force: Long-range forces in transient and steady states with conserved density

IV.     Nonequilibrium QED: Heat transfer, radiation, and force

V.       Dynamic Casimir phenomena: Rotating sphere, Anomalous dispersion

VI.    Summary