Kerberos 5 Release 1.18

Kerberos 5 Release 1.18 is now available

The MIT Kerberos Team announces the availability of the krb5-1.18 release. The detached PGP signature is available without going through the download page, if you wish to verify the authenticity of a distribution you have obtained elsewhere.

Please see the README file for a more complete list of changes.

You may also see the current full list of fixed bugs tracked in our RT bugtracking system.

DES no longer supported

Beginning with the krb5-1.18 release, single-DES encryption types are no longer supported.

Major changes in 1.18 (2020-02-12)

Administrator experience
Developer experience
Protocol evolution
User experience
Code quality

Retrieving Kerberos 5 Release 1.18

You may retrieve the Kerberos 5 Release 1.18 source from here. If you need to acquire the sources from some other distribution site, you may verify them against the detached PGP signature for krb5-1.18.

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