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The DejaGnu Tests

Some of the built-in regression tests are setup to use the DejaGnu framework for running tests. These tests tend to be more comprehensive than the normal built-in tests as they setup test servers and test client/server activities.

DejaGnu may be found wherever GNU software is archived.

Most of the tests are setup to run as a non-privileged user. For some of the krb-root tests to work properly, either (a) the user running the tests must not have a .k5login file in the home directory or (b) the .k5login file must contain an entry for <username>@KRBTEST.COM. There are two series of tests (rlogind and telnetd) which require the ability to rlogin as root to the local machine. Admittedly, this does require the use of a .rhosts file or some authenticated means. 1

If you cannot obtain root access to your machine, all the other tests will still run. Note however, with DejaGnu 1.2, the "untested testcases" will cause the testsuite to exit with a non-zero exit status which make will consider a failure of the testing process. Do not worry about this, as these tests are the last run when make check is executed from the top level of the build tree. This problem does not exist with DejaGnu 1.3.


  1. If you are fortunate enough to have a previous version of Kerberos V5 or V4 installed, and the Kerberos rlogin is first in your path, you can setup .k5login or .klogin respectively to allow you access.