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The KADM5 Tests

Regression tests for the KADM5 system, including the GSS-RPC, KADM5 client and server libraries, and kpasswd, are also included in this release. Each set of KADM5 tests is contained in a sub-directory called unit-test directly below the system being tested. For example, lib/rpc/unit-test contains the tests for GSS-RPC. The tests are all based on DejaGnu (but they are not actually called part of "The DejaGnu tests," whose naming predates the inclusion of the KADM5 system). In addition, they require the Tool Command Language (TCL) header files and libraries to be available during compilation and some of the tests also require Perl in order to operate. If all of these resources are not available during configuration, the KADM5 tests will not run. The TCL installation directory can be specified with the --with-tcl configure option. (See See Options to Configure.) The runtest and perl programs must be in the current execution path.

If you install DejaGnu, TCL, or Perl after configuring and building Kerberos and then want to run the KADM5 tests, you will need to re-configure the tree and run make at the top level again to make sure all the proper programs are built. To save time, you actually only need to reconfigure and build in the directories src/kadmin/testing, src/lib/rpc, src/lib/kadm5.