Kerberos Mailing Lists

These list addresses are all "". Most of the Kerberos mailing lists are now hosted using Mailman. Each Mailman-hosted list has a web form you can use to request a subscription (linked below). You may also use this web form to unsubscribe from the list.

If you prefer to use e-mail to subscribe, each list also has its own "-request" list; you may send mail to with "subscribe" in the subject line. Similarly, you can unsubscribe from a list by sending "unsubscribe" in the subject line to Please do not send requests for subscriptions or unsubscriptions to the lists themselves, as you will only succeed in annoying many people who will not be able to help you themselves.

These mailing lists are public, and messages sent to them are archived and visible to non-subscribers.

The main Kerberos mailing list; this is bidirectionally gatewayed to the comp.protocols.kerberos newsgroup. This is an appropriate forum for discussions about Kerberos in general, not necessarily limited to the MIT code.
The mailing list for announcing new releases of Kerberos.
The Kerberos developers' mailing list. If you are a vendor shipping MIT Kerberos code, or shipping applications using MIT Kerberos, you should subscribe here. Mail about krb5-current often ends up going here.
This is an obsolete list which now simply points to the IETF Kerberos Working Group mailing list. Please see the Kerberos Working Group page for details.
The front end to the MIT Kerberos team's bug-tracking system. Please make sure that your problem is an actual bug before sending mail here. If in doubt, you can send mail to the kerberos list first.
Receives commit messages for the krb5 source repository.
Receives output of the daily krb5-current snapshot script. The script only sends out mail when there have been actual changes to the sources since it was last run.

Archives of Mailing Lists

Each Mailman mailing list has its own archive, which can be found from its listinfo page. They are linked below for convenience.

Older Archives of Mailing Lists

Prior to the conversion to Mailman, the mailing lists used to be archived using a system called "Discuss". Note that as the Kerberos team does not maintain these archives, we cannot answer any questions about them, nor can we necessarily fix them if they are broken. These archives are all kept using the Discuss->WWW gateway on

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