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People page

(Updated 1/7/16)

Current Lab Members and Projects
Research Collaborators
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King Lab: Current People and Projects

  Name Title Research Focus Contact Information
Cameron Haase-Pettingell Technical Associate Lab Head: Amino acid sequence control of the folding and aggregation of beta-sheet proteins. 68-340D

Jonathan King PI

NIH Award #GM17980, "Folding annd Misfolding of Parallel Beta-Helix Proteins"
NEI Award #EY015834, "Human Gamma-D-Crystallin Folding, Misfolding and Fibril Forms"
MIT Subaward from Baylor College of Medicine as part of NIH/NEI Award #EY016525, "Center for Protein Folding Machinery"

Jacqueline Piret Research Affiliate Consultant on the microbiology of cyanobacteria and cyanophage.


EugeneS Eugene Serebryany Graduate Student

Mutants of the buried core tryptophans of the human gammaD crystallin which represent models for UV-induced photodamage. Also, the evolution of beta-sheet folds, amyloid aggregation and other protein association pathways that compete with productive folding.

Eugene is a joint student in the King and Lindquist research groups.


Oksana headshot Oksana Sergeeva Graduate Student Interaction of the group II chaperonins with human protein substrates.


Peter Weigele Research Affiliate Consultation on bacteriophage genes and proteins. 978-380-7304
Cindy Woolley Research Coordinator Webmistress; general laboratory and grant administration. 68-330


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King Lab Alumni

picture of Ligia Acosta Ligia Acosta Dr. Margaret Fuller  

Christopher Bazinet

Marissa Galisteo

Dr. Peter Prevelige, Jr.

Dr. Julyet A. Benbasat

David Goldenberg

Dr. Stephen Raso

Christopher B. Benton

Dr. Carl Gordon

Dr. Raytcheva Dr. Dessy Raytcheva

  Daniel Goulet Daniel Goulet Dr. Anne Skaja Robinson

Dr. Peter Berget

Dr. Barrie Greene

Dr. Susan Sather

Dr. Scott Betts

Ruth Griffin-Shea

Dr. Nathaniel Schafheimer

Jerry L. Bryant, Jr. Lisa Guisbond Dr. Russell Schwartz
Abigal Bushman Dr. Josephine Harada Javed Sidiqqui
Phillip Campbell Althea HillAlthea Hill
Carla Carvalho Dr. Madhulika Jain   
Dr. Sherwood Casjens Samuel Kayman  

Dr. Bao-lu Chen

Dr. Kelly KneeDr. Kelly Knee

Dr. Ryan Simkovsky

  Dr. Melissa Kosinski-Collins Dr. Margaret Speed Ricci

Dr. Jiejin Chen

Fanrong KongFanrong Kong

Harlee Stauss

Jeannie Chew Jeannie Chew Dr. Jason F. Kreisberg Takumi Takata Dr. Takumi Takata

Dr. Perry Chou

Dr. Dasa Lipovsek

Dr. Carolyn Teschke

Dr. Patricia Clark Dr. Edward Loechler Dennis R. Thomas
Kristin Cook Dr. Ishara Mills-Henry Dr. Claire Ting
Sean Decatur Dr. Anna Mitraki Assoc. Prof. Robert Villafane
Kate MoreauKate (Drahos) Moreau Barbara Moore-Bryant  
Prof. William Earnshaw Ajay Pande Dr. Yongting Wang

Dr. Erika Erickson

Dr. Katerina Papanikolopoulou

Dr. Peter Weigele

Prof. Bently Fane

Jennifer Patterson

Dr. Richard C. Willson

Dr. Shannon (Flaugh) Thol

Greg Pintilie, PhDDr. Greg Pintilie

Fuminori Yoshida

Zojeila Flores

Dr. Welkin H. Pope

Philip A. Youderian

Bertrand Friguet

Anthony R. Poteete

Myeong-Hee Yu

Veronica Zepeda

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Paul Adams Judith Frydman
Bonnie Berger David Gossard
Ludwig Brand Angela Gronenborn
Stephen Buchwald David Housman
Patrik Callis Jay R. Knutson
Wah Chiu Ishita Mukerji
Joseph Costello Sarah Petty
Lenore Cowen Christine Slingsby
Sean Decatur Ruhong Zhou


Prof. Daniel Blankschtein Assoc. Prof. Roni Rosenfeld
Prof. Jaime Carbonell Dr. Robert Seckler
Dr. Sherwood Casjens Judith Klein-Seetharaman
Prof. Deborah Fogel Jerson L. Silva
Prof. Lila Gierasch Julian Sturtevant
Dr. Michel Goldberg Prof. George J. Thomas, Jr.
Prof. Robert Huber Institute Prof. Daniel Wang
Sorin Istrail Myeong-Hee Yu
Assoc. Prof. Cheng S. Lee


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Related Research


Edward Goldberg Frances Jurnak Ronald Wetzel
Roger Hendrix Dr. Lars Liljas  
Raïner Jaenicke Dr. Saskia van der Vies  

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