Kevin L. Mitchell - Resume
Kevin L. Mitchell
San Antonio, TX 78218

Employment in a dynamic high-tech environment which will make best use of my software development, system administration, and networking skills.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1994 – 2010
Bachelor's degree in Physics.
Bourne shell, C, Perl, PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript, SQL
GNU Automake, GNU Autoconf, GNU Libtool, flex, bison, Lemon, re2c, Ragel, Make
Rackspace Hosting: Software Developer Feb 2011 – Present

Worked with Rackspace's development team on the open-source OpenStack Compute product, called Nova. Also worked on Glance, the image index service used by Nova. Recognized as a core developer for both projects. Responsible for fixing bugs and for developing needed features, both for the community and for Rackspace in particular. Also responsible for reviewing contributed code.

Undernet Coder Committee: Maintainer 1997 – Present

Responsible for oversight and primary development and bug fixing for ircu, the IRC server software used by the Undernet IRC network. Monitor required network-wide software upgrades; screen patches and enhancement requests submitted by contributors; test and trace bugs discovered; preparing and making available software releases; assistance for users attempting to compile, install, and configure the server, both for Undernet and for third-party IRC networks. Programming languages include C.

MIT Media Lab: Programmer June 2009 – Jan 2011

Built internal websites and infrastructure to allocate and maintain source code repositories, adding support for git and Mercurial in addition to the existing support for Subversion. Support for existing Media Lab single sign-on system. Programming languages include Python, JavaScript, and SQL.

Park Street Church: Media Ministry Supervisor Aug. 2003 – Nov. 2008

Maintained and upgraded church sound system; recruited and trained volunteers; managed extensive recording library; coordinated coverage for particular events including regular Sunday services. Improvements included addition of CD recording, upgrade of computer recording hardware, and deployment of a sermon podcast, with various options for filtering.

MIT Media Lab: Programmer June 2003 – Aug. 2003

Adapted a version of SourceForge software for use within the Media Lab environment. Support for CVS repositories, accessed via SSH. Programming languages include PHP, some SQL, some C.

EMC Corporation: UNIX System Admin Oct. 1999 – Sep. 2001

Provided internal support for UNIX systems on the desktop. Installed and configured systems. Patched all desktop systems for Y2K problems. Also provided general help for internal clients with basic system administration, disaster recovery, and hardware failures.