Research (Since 2016)

Theme: Integrated System-Level Approach for Acceleration of Innovations in Nuclear Energy

Advanced Fuels: Coatings, Composites and SiC/SiC cladding, Dopants/Additives, High Density Fuels, Laser Printed Fuel-in-Fiber, and Helical Cruciform Fuel (Lightbridge), Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Fuel

Advanced Designs: Small Modular Reactors, High Temperature Gas Reactor (UB as Lead) , Molten-Salt Reactor (NETL as Lead)

Methods/Science: Surface Chemistry under Exteme Environments, Physics-Informed Machine Learning for Closures, Machine Learning Core Optimization (Exelon), Advanced Uncertainty Quantification

Other Active Research: Cyber Security, Dry Cask Storage CISCC (UNIST lead), Fusion Licensing and Regulation

Previous Research: TNT deposition, Greater than 5% Economics, Uranium Nitride, Reduced Moderated BWR, Mixed-Oxide, Thorium, Mutliphase CFD

Team Members (Since 2016)

Research Scientists: Bren Philips, Lance Snead, Akshay Dave, Guiqiu (Tony) Zheng; Pete Stahl

Post-Docs: Wei Li, Yue Jin, Majdi Radaideh, Yeongshin Jeong

Graduate Students: Yifeng Che, Zehua Ma (visiting), Arunkumar Seshadri, Patrick White, Robbie Stewart, Yu-Jou Wang, Paul Seurin, Dongyu Lee, Isabel Candido, Gyuante Park, Brandon Arranda, Xinyao (Anna) Liang, Rafael Lora

UROPs: Alexander J Hodge; Alexis D Huynh; Benjamin A Soria; Franklin J Schulte; Gyutae Park; Jacob D Rodriguez; Steven Serrano;

Alumni (Current Status): Briana Hiscox (ORNL), Yanin Sukjai (KMUTT Faculty), Anil Gurgen (NCSU PhD Student), Guillaume Giudicelli (INL), Martin Sevecek (CTU Faculty), Malik Waigh (MIT PhD Student), Xu Wu (NCSU Faculty), Yangbin Deng (Shenzhen University Faculty), Xingang Zhao (ORNL), Yanan He (PostDoc, XJTU), Zhiyuan (Chloe) Cheng (PhD Medical Physics, Oxford), Enrique Lopez (Consultant)

Other Activities

Consortium for Advanced Simulation of LWRs (CASL) MIT Education Lead [DOE]

Co-Director of Reactor Technology Course (RTC) for Utility Executives [INPO]

Lead Organizer of the Advanced Nuclear Technology Module [Innovation Bootcamp]

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