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Phonology Circle
Spring 2016

Phonology Circle will meet on Mondays this semester from 5:00-6:30pm in 32-D831 unless otherwise noted. The Phonology Circle is a weekly forum for the presentation of current research in phonology and phonetics. If you want to receive the email announcements, or have any other comments about Phonology Circle, please email either Juliet Stanton or Sam Zukoff.

February 22:

Kenyon Branan (MIT)
A purely prosodic approach to intervention

The simple intervention effect can be charactarized as a ban on wh-words appearing to the right of words bearing focus. I will argue that simple intervention effects arise as the result of conflicting prosodic requirements, and that the most well attested repair, leftward scrambling of the wh-element, results in a better-formed prosodic structure. I will show that the simple intervention effect is a particular instance of a more general phenomenon, looking primarily at Japanese and Korean. I will also show that this approach predicts that languages with different prosodic requirements on focus-bearing items should not have intervention effects. I look at Egyptian Arabic, which has all of the syntactic ingredients necessary to produce the intervention effect, but nonetheless does not. I show that the prosody of focus in Egyptian Arabic leads us to expect this.

February 29:

Sam Zukoff

March 7:

Erin Olson

March 14:

Naomi Feldman (time/place TBA)

March 28

Donca Steriade

April 4:

Kevin Ryan

April 11:

Giorgio Magri

April 25:

Benjamin Storme

May 2:

Abdul-Razak Sulemana

May 9:

Mingqiong (Joan) Luo

May 16:

Sophie Moracchini

May 23:

mfm practice