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MIT Linguistics: Department of Linguistics & Philosophy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Linguistics Faculty

Adam Albright: Phonology, Morphology, Language Acquisition, Computational Linguistics

Noam Chomsky: Linguistic Theory, Syntax, Semantics, Philosophy of Language (Institute Professor emeritus)

Michel DeGraff: Syntax, Semantics, Creole Languages

Kai von Fintel: Semantics, Pragmatics, Philosophy of Language

Edward Flemming: Phonology, Phonetics

Suzanne Flynn: Second Language Acquisition

Danny Fox: Syntax, Semantics

Martin Hackl: Semantics, Syntax, and Psycholinguistics

Morris Halle: Phonology, Morphology, Poetics, Slavic Languages (emeritus)

James Harris: Phonology, Spanish, Historical Linguistics (emeritus)

Irene Heim: Semantics

Sabine Iatridou (Graduate Program Director): Syntax, Semantics

Michael Kenstowicz: Phonology, Phonetics, African and East Asian Languages

Samuel Jay Keyser: Phonology, Lexical Theory, Poetics (emeritus)

Shigeru Miyagawa: Syntax, Japanese and Altaic Linguistics

Wayne O'Neil: Second Language Acquisition, Language Change, Linguistics and Education

David Pesetsky (Department Head): Syntax, Morphology, Language & Music, Language Acquisition, Russian Syntax

Norvin Richards (Undergraduate Program Officer): Syntax, Endangered Languages, Austronesian Languages

Donca Steriade: Phonology, Morphology, Greek and Latin

Kenneth Wexler: Language Acquisition, Syntax

Visiting Faculty 2013

Noah Constant: Semantics, Pragmatics, Prosody, Focus, and Discourse Particles

Martin Rohrmeier: Music cognition and empirical music research, Implicit learning and implicit knowledge, Acquisition and representation of grammars, Cognitive perspectives on music and language, Computational modelling and corpus analysis, Music theory and analysis, Philosophy of language and music

Affiliated faculty (MIT Philosophy)

Sylvain Bromberger (emeritus)
Justin Khoo
Vann McGee
Agustin Rayo
Jack Spencer
Robert Stalnaker
Stephen Yablo

Language-related research in other MIT departments

Regina Barzilay (CSAIL): natural language processing

Robert Berwick (LIDS & BCS): computational modeling and computational complexity of human language, biolinguistics, genomics of language; dynamical system theories of language evolution and change

Ted Gibson (BCS): language processing; quantitative linguistics; culture and cognition

Jim Glass (CSAIL Spoken Language Systems Group): automatic speech recognition, unsupervised speech processing, and spoken language understanding.

Graham Jones (Anthropology): cultural and linguistic anthropology, production and circulation of knowledge

Boris Katz (CSAIL): natural language understanding and generation, multimodal information access, knowledge representation, human computer interaction, and event recognition

Stefanie Seneff (CSAIL Spoken Language Systems Group): conversational systems, including phonological modelling, auditory modelling, computer speech recognition, statistical language modelling, natural language understanding and generation, discourse and dialogue modelling, and prosodic analysis

Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel (RLE Speech Communication Group): cognitive structures and processes involved in speech production planning, particularly at the level of speech sound sequencing

Josh Tenenbaum (BCS Computational Cognitive Science group): bayesian models of cognition; learning and inference; computational cognitive science

Victor Zue (CSAIL Spoken Language Systems Group): human language technologies for easy access of structured and unstructured information from the web