Musical Examples in Katz & Pesetsky "The Identity Thesis for Language and Music" (draft, October 2009)

All audio has been produced by the Sibelius music notation program. No musicians were harmed in the making of these files.

15a-b (the Toy Melody")

17 (Toy Melody as written)

17a (Toy Melody reduction A)

17b (Toy Melody reduction B)

17c (Toy Melody reduction C)

footnote below 17, melody which the Toy Melody itself is a reduction

18 bad reduction of Toy Melody

19a Mozart K331 piano sonata, first 4 bars

19b Mozart K331 low-level reduction

20a Mozart K331 bad reduction

20b Mozart K331 good reduction

21 Mozart K331 opening again

22 Mozart K331 first two notes of first two bars reversed

25 Mozart K331 opening again

55 toy melody emphasizing the cadence

56 Bach WTC Prelude1 reduction

56 above Bach WTC Prelude original

57a Bach WTC Prelude original ending

57b Bach WTC Prelude our altered ending (no perfect cadence)

59 Bach WTC Prelude1 last 4 chords reduction

69 Bach WTC Prelude1.last 4 chords reduction again

70a IV V I cadence

70b IV V/V V I cadence

78 Bortniansky reduction

78-related footnote Bortniansky original

79 Bortniansky reduction again