Travel Procedures


Booking Travel
Travelers are encouraged to use the MIT online booking system for travel or MIT's partner travel agencies - OTT Travel Management and The Travel Collaborative.

Travel Expense Reports
Travelers are required to submit an expense report via the MIT online expense reporting system within 30 days after the completion of a trip. The expense report is necessary not only to request reimbursement for out of pocket expenses, but also reconcile charges made on the MIT Travel Card.

In order to ensure that integrity of the Institute's travel documentation system, LNS is required to retain/keep on file original receipts associated with each trip. This is necessary for audit purposes and is critical for travel under a sponsored research project. Please remember to forward your original receipts to the LNS Travel Office Bldg 26/516. Travel vouchers will not be approved until original receipts are received.

Car Rental and Insurance
MIT strongly encourages you to use MIT’s partner car rental agencies which provided volume based discounts and insurance on vehicles for MIT travelers. The use of these agencies will serve to mitigate MIT’s financial risk associated with automobile accidents and losses including theft of the vehicle.

When traveling domestically, Travelers should under no circumstances purchase insurance offered by car rental agencies when booking a rental car. When traveling internationally, including Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean Islands, travelers SHOULD purchase the insurance under all circumstances.

For further details regarding car rentals – see MIT Travel Policy 3.05c

Per Diem

  • Per diem is the payment of a flat sum to cover food, lodging, and incidental expenses for each day in lieu of a statement of actual costs. Per-diem rates may not exceed the governmental standard (GSA) cost of living. When a per diem is used, the MIT Travel Credit Card may not be used as a form of payment.
  • Travelers who want to use per diem to pay for expenses while on domestic travel must obtain prior approval from department heads, laboratory directors or project supervisors, and VPF Travel. It is not necessary to obtain prior approval in order to use per diem for international travel. See FORMS for per diem form.

The Institute strongly discourages travel by groups of more than two or three on the same airplane or on extended automobile trips on which accidental injury to the group would seriously impair the operation of an Institute activity. This restriction should be enforced by the supervisors according to the circumstances of the travel and the level of responsibility of the travelers. For those in key positions, it is expected that this restriction will be rigidly self-imposed.1

1 MIT Travel Policy, 3.00