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Presenting Linguistics: Make a Video about your Research
Dates: July 22-24 and July 29-31, 2005
Time: 9am-5pm
Location: Harvard, Science Center Computer Lab

This is an intensive hands-on workshop which will assist participants to design and create media projects on topics in language and linguistics. Selections from these projects will become part of the LSA Video Archive to be used in building installations for the projected Virtual Museum of Language and Linguistics (VMLL), a web-based museum environment directed at school-aged children.

The workshop will take place during two three-day weekends (Friday – Sunday). Participants are encouraged to attend both weekends (6 days), in order to have enough time to complete a short video presentation.

The workshop is timed to overlap with LSA.210, “Linguistics K-12,” taught by Maya Honda and Wayne O'Neil, and participants in that course may be especially interested in creating a VMLL exhibit. But all Institute participants, both faculty and students, are very welcome to attend the Presenting Linguistics workshop.

It is our experience that theoretical linguists often find it especially difficult to envisage a short movie that presents an interesting fact about language to a non-specialist audience of young people. But this is a challenge worth undertaking if we want people to understand what linguistics is and why it matters. If you bring your existing powerpoint slides, we can help you convert them into a suitable form for a general audience.

Registration is limited to 20. We would be glad to hear from prospective participants before the Institute opens. If you wish, we can discuss in advance a possible topic for your presentation, so that you can gather materials (illustrations, audio recordings, video footage, etc.) before leaving home. If you do not have a preferred topic but wish to gain experience in video presentation, you may become part of a team working on a topic with other participants.

Necessary equipment will be provided, and there will be no additional costs except for small supplies such as CDs, audiotape, etc. However, participants who own laptops, digital cameras, video cameras, and/or audio-recording equipment are encouraged to bring these to work with.

Janet Dean Fodor (CUNY)
Sean Hendricks (U. Georgia)
Judy Kegl (U. Southern Maine)
Sharon Klein (CSU Northridge)