We're making plans to answer that question on Saturday, February 3rd and Sunday, February 4th 2001. This conference is designed to showcase the innovative work of classroom teachers in developing new pedagogical practices in response to the potentials of new media: the Internet, the web, CD Roms, digital photography, digital sound recording technologies, video recorders, streaming video and audio. It is very important to us that this be a conference where teachers can talk to each other about the changes that are taking place in their professional environment and where some "best practices" are shared with a larger community. To achieve this the conference is structured to include several breakout sessions where participants can interact with each other and the panelists around specific issues.

Issues to be addressed:

(1) How are students using the new media outside of school?

(2) What is being done to improve the level of support and professional development for teachers using new media in their classrooms?

(3) How may digital media enhance teaching of traditional subjects in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences?

(4) How can we mobilize student's creativity as media makers?

(5) How do we make sure all students have access to digital resources?

(6) What relationship exists between media literacy training and the wired classroom?

(7) How are creative teachers using digital resources to enhance, rather than replace, traditional pedagogy?

(8) What decisions are schools making which impact students' abilities to access and express themselves through digital media?

(9) How do teachers assess the quality of resources available to them on-line?

(10) How do educators evaluate digital media projects produced by their students?

(11) What kinds of collective efforts are needed to enhance the range of digital media collections available to teachers?