Hi, my name is Marcel Thomas, and I am currently a PhD student in mechanical engineering at MIT. I work in the Precision Compliant Systems Lab (PCSL) designing precision machines for nanoscale processes that can be used for advances in medicine and electronics. (Photo credit: Tony Pulsone)

I earned an S.M. in mechanical engineering in June of 2014. I earned an S.B. in mechanical engineering with a minor in mathematics from MIT in June of 2012. I have a deep passion for mechanical engineering. I love taking gadgets apart to figure out how they work, how they can be improved, and using what I learn to create new technology.

This website contains projects that I have worked on as well as what I have learned from these projects and from mentoring others. I would like to thank Steve Levine and Ilan Moyer for their help and inspiration throughout this website creation process.

Please email me for the most recent copy of my resume and/or a portfolio.