Manoli's Shades of Coral - 10 days in Belize

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Belize, a little country the size of Massachusetts, is stuck at the southernmost corner of the Yukatan peninsula, surrounded by Mexico and Guatamala, and by the Carribean sea. Despite its small size, it harbors the world's second largest barrier reef, after Australia's. It also sports white sandy beaches, a warm and sunny climate, and some of the richest Mayan temples in the area.

Went down with my sister Maria in January 2007, for an emergency vacation in the middle of a dozen projects before the spring term starts. Climate-wise, the dry season doesn't start till February, but we got lucky and the weather cooperated (although it had been raining for 5 days before we landed).

You land in Belize international airport on the mainland, take a little shuttle airplane (leaves every hour for $45) to wherever your destination is (Caye Caulker, San Pedro, southern cities), and off you are in your beautiful vacation (don't bother with the water taxis).

Caye Caulker is a backpacker's island for the light traveler, San Pedro (Ambergris Caye), is its northern neighbor for $100+ a night. Diving, water sports, daily excursions filled most of our days. Then day trips to Lamanai (avoid Tanisha Eco Tours), the Blue Hole (choose Amigos Del Mar), or the coral reef (lots of amazing sites 5 mins away). Highly recommended!

The Blue Hole is one of the most famous dive sites on the planet. It's a rim of sand in the middle of a coral sea, going down diagonally (pretty steep) until 45 feet, where the sand drops vertically down to 500 feet. At about 135, an opening gives way to stalagmites and incredible underwater formations which once formed the ceiling of an enormous (cenote) cave.

Ambergris Caye (San Pedro) - Banana Beach Resort

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Banyan Bay - It's a rough life...

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... but someone has to do it

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Water Sports

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Diving - Finger Canyon

FingerCanyon01 FingerCanyon02 FingerCanyon03 FingerCanyon04 FingerCanyon05 FingerCanyon06 FingerCanyon07 FingerCanyon08 FingerCanyon09 FingerCanyon10 FingerCanyon11

Diving with a turtle

TurtleDive01 TurtleDive02 TurtleDive03 TurtleDive04 TurtleDive05 TurtleDive06 TurtleDive07 TurtleDive08 TurtleDive09 TurtleDive10 TurtleDive11 TurtleDive12 TurtleDive13

Diving - Hol Chan Marine Reserve

HolChan01 HolChan02 HolChan03 HolChan04 HolChan05 HolChan06 HolChan07 HolChan08 HolChan09 HolChan10 HolChan11 HolChan12 HolChan13 HolChan14 HolChan15 HolChan16 HolChan17 HolChan18

Diving - Hol Chan Spotted Rays

HolChanRays01 HolChanRays02 HolChanRays03 HolChanRays04 HolChanRays05 HolChanRays06 HolChanRays07 HolChanRays08 HolChanRays09 HolChanRays10


BelizeDive01 BelizeDive02 BelizeDive03 BelizeDive04 BelizeDive05 BelizeDive06

Blue Hole Trip

BlueHole001 BlueHole003 BlueHole007 BlueHole009 BlueHole020 BlueHole021 BlueHole026 BlueHole040 BlueHole050 BlueHole052 BlueHole053 BlueHole054 BlueHole061 BlueHole062 BlueHole063 BlueHole064 BlueHole065 BlueHole067 BlueHole068 BlueHole069 BlueHole070 BlueHole073 BlueHole074 BlueHole076 BlueHole077 BlueHole078 BlueHole079 BlueHole081 BlueHole083 BlueHole085 BlueHole086 BlueHole091 BlueHole093 BlueHole094 BlueHole096 BlueHole097

Blue Hole trip - Half Moon Caye and Bird Reserve

HalfMoonCaye02 HalfMoonCaye11 HalfMoonCaye12 HalfMoonCaye15 HalfMoonCaye20 HalfMoonCaye21 HalfMoonCaye37 HalfMoonCaye38 HalfMoonCaye39 HalfMoonCaye41 HalfMoonCaye46 HalfMoonCaye47 HalfMoonCaye48 HalfMoonCaye51 HalfMoonCaye52 HalfMoonCaye53 HalfMoonCaye54 HalfMoonCaye61 HalfMoonCaye63 HalfMoonCaye65

Lamanai - the Boat Ride

Lamanai_BoatRide13 Lamanai_BoatRide15 Lamanai_BoatRide16 Lamanai_BoatRide18 Lamanai_BoatRide19 Lamanai_BoatRide20 Lamanai_BoatRide21 Lamanai_BoatRide28 Lamanai_BoatRide30 Lamanai_BoatRide41 Lamanai_BoatRide44 Lamanai_BoatRide52

Lamanai - Arriving at the Village

Lamanai_Village01 Lamanai_Village02 Lamanai_Village03 Lamanai_Village04 Lamanai_Village06 Lamanai_Village09 Lamanai_Village17 Lamanai_Village18 Lamanai_Village19

Lamanai - 2nd Boat Ride

Lamanai_BoatRideB_02 Lamanai_BoatRideB_04 Lamanai_BoatRideB_05 Lamanai_BoatRideB_09 Lamanai_BoatRideB_11 Lamanai_BoatRideB_18 Lamanai_BoatRideB_20 Lamanai_BoatRideB_21 Lamanai_BoatRideB_24 Lamanai_BoatRideB_26 Lamanai_BoatRideB_29

Lamanai - The Temples

Lamanai_Temples02 Lamanai_Temples03 Lamanai_Temples05 Lamanai_Temples06 Lamanai_Temples09 Lamanai_Temples10 Lamanai_Temples12 Lamanai_Temples14 Lamanai_Temples16 Lamanai_Temples17 Lamanai_Temples18 Lamanai_Temples19 Lamanai_Temples22 Lamanai_Temples23 Lamanai_Temples27 Lamanai_Temples31 Lamanai_Temples33 Lamanai_Temples36 Lamanai_Temples37 Lamanai_Temples40 Lamanai_Temples41 Lamanai_Temples43 Lamanai_Temples44 Lamanai_Temples46 Lamanai_Temples47 Lamanai_Temples48 Lamanai_Temples51 Lamanai_Temples52 Lamanai_Temples57

Lamanai - Return Trip

Lamanai_Return02 Lamanai_Return04 Lamanai_Return05 Lamanai_Return06 Lamanai_Return07 Lamanai_Return09

A cloudy day (brrr...)

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